My journey into the art and science of photography began in high school, when my father showed me how to develop film and make traditional photographic prints in our home darkroom. Later I studied optics and advanced image processing in college, designed digital camera systems as a professional engineer, and gained expertise in visual communication while completing my Master of Arts degree. My ongoing commitment to photography flows from my belief in the power of the image to bring inspiration, meaning, wonder, and beauty into our lives.

As a practicing photographer, I have used the latest digital technology alongside traditional film cameras and analog techniques. Though analog and digital photography are both excellent in their own ways, I always use digital capture for paid photography work.

My photography is characterized by consistent emphasis on aesthetic qualities and visual authenticity. I use simple equipment, which reduces distractions and helps me to keep my prices low, and my style combines traditional and innovative elements. My portfolio reflects my dedication to local photography: instead of travelling to exotic locations or events, I seek the beauty and meaning found right here in Kentucky.